Why choose Luminous Part?

Profound idea

Luminous Part is a book of interviews portraying great dreamers – artists, scientists and athletes who push the limits, love life and have a talent to encourage others. Its chosen title refers to George Saunders' words: "That luminous part of you that exists beyond personality – your soul, if you will – is as bright and shining as any that has ever been." Once we occasionally saw it in Tom Hiddleston's Twitter, and we did believe them – George and Tom.

People are familiar with this concept on intuitive level – everybody knows how does "a fire" in someone's eyes look like. But where does it come from? How can we share it? We focus on our speakers' philosophy in search of inspiring experience they might share, and the inner light they might show. Thus we aim to help our readers to find their vocation and a way to a meaningful life. We know that some of the stars are bright and luminous indeed. People do illuminate people, handing a fire of their insights over from mind to mind. But the fire never gets less.

Scientific basis

This idea has not come from nowhere. In 2009 neuroscientists from Netherlands and Russia found out that human brain memorizes information about commercial products better and values it higher when it is given in the context of a celebrity. Fame influences us: hippocampus, striatum and frontal cortex start working differently, and star's, or expert's presence becomes a memorizing and revaluation channel.

We assume that such influence may exist not only on consuming level, but also on the level of sharing ideas. Scientists already know that famous people can do it better than others. We use this fact to bring most positive and fruitful concepts to the public. If people follow fame, let them follow the best of it.

Minimalist style

We ask simple thought provoking questions, and none of those you might have read (or answered) a number of times already. They are short, straight, deep and often related to big ideas our speakers have not discussed before on the interviews. What is the point of being famous? How does creative process work? What does solitude give? We are interested in personal philosophy, and we believe that sharing ideas is a key to development (because this is how learning works).

Powerful topics

How many interviews that will keep being interesting in 20 years have you read (or given)? We choose powerful topics: creation, mind, hope, persistence. They never get old, never get pointless, or boring. They are essential to anyone, though an approach to their understanding may be diverse. We invite artists, scientists and athletes to become thinkers for awhile, and we invite our readers to be their students. History has proven many times that the insights often come when we read or listen to the others.

Extraordinary experts

Officially there can not be such thing as a hope expert, or a dream expert. Still, there are people, who have outstanding expertise and may share unique notion related to the most powerful universal concepts. An artist called the second Da Vinci. A pilot who have experienced horizontal flight with no plane or parachute. A famous motivational speaker born without limbs (and he is a hope expert indeed). A psychotherapist known worldwide as the one and only professional comforter, and others. Their experience shows that a man is able to fly like a bird, to win like a superhero, to create new life forms almost like a God. You just need to follow your dream eagerly, to work hard, and to be persistent. Everything is possible.

P.S.: Joy

Every time we finish an interview, people tell us that it was amazing. They explore big ideas with this talks – because we ask to think deep. They all are amazing too, and they are giving us joy. This is the reason we're doing this.