Luminous Part international team unites journalists and web developers from Moscow and Kyiv.

Nataliya Kienya

Nataliya Kienya, journalist and founder

Moscow, Russia

Journalist, pop-science writer and editor-in-chief for an expert educational media. Nataliya has been working in the media for 10 years, 5 of them for Izvestia: one of the largest, oldest and most respectable Russian newspapers.




Timur Anikeev, photographer

Moscow, Russia

Photographer and designer for the Luminous Part, Timur has been working for Izvestia, GEO and other Russian and international media outlets for 11 years.


Pavel Ovsyanko, web developer

Kyiv, Ukraine

Web developer for our project, Pavel has been creating and developing websites for the government and show-business for 10 years.